Reed Hoffman

Teller Tales

A long time ago there was a Dickinson County Bankers Association: Abilene 4 banks, Herington 2, Hope, Chapman, Talmage, Woodbine (?), Enterprise, Solomon.

Pastor Connie D. Wooldridge

Pastor’s Corner

I had a conversation with a robin yesterday. Well it was not so much a conversation as it was me talking at the robin that was on the lawn outside my window. Mr. Robin neither heard me nor responded but I talked anyway. When you see a robin this early in February, it catches your attention. So I asked if he was in my yard because he was in agreement with Punxsutawney Phil that spring was coming early. I have to admit it really got my hopes up. Of course the robin gave no answer.

Joshua Smith

Second Place Victory

Last week, journalism in our country was dealt a devastating blow by the sudden announcement that The McClatchy Company – publishers of more than 30 newspapers in 14 states – was declaring bankruptcy. The company cited their reasons for the bankruptcy as heavy debt following their purchase of fellow publisher Knight Ridder for $4.5 billion in 2006 and rising pension costs.

Reed Hoffman

Teller Tales

Ten minutes left and ten points down. There was no way they could turn this around. We are ashamed. We turned off the TV, watched the Mahomes miracle in the


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