Debate or Disaster?

Debate or Disaster?

Six in one hand, half-dozen in the other

Would you call what happened in Cleveland last night a debate? I wouldn’t. If anything, I would call it a debasement. A degradation of what it means to run for President of this fair nation.

We tuned in for a time-honored tradition, the open, honest, ideological clash between candidates who feel they are best to lead our nation. I still remember the Bush/Clinton/Perot debate of 1992. It was a showdown between rivals yes, but they laughed with each other and shook hands. They clashed on the issues but did so with decorum and respect.

What Americans were treated to last night was over 90 minutes of two septuagenarians yelling at each other. One man spouting baseless claims with not a word of supporting evidence and his opponent pleading for him to just “shut up.”

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