Pastor’s Column: Shadow Penny

Pastor’s Column: Shadow Penny

We call our dog Penny, but Shadow could have been an appropriate name. Penny is my shadow. I get tickled at her following me as I move back and forth doing my household chores. I move a few steps around the room as I make the bed and Penny pulls her long body off the floor takes a stretch and moves up behind me reversing direction as I take steps back to where I began. She settles on the floor near my feet and at once I am moving to the next room and to another task.

Some routines are repeated so precisely that she anticipates my moves. When the evening draws to a close, for example, Penny knows the pattern and stays a couple of steps ahead of me so that I am like her shadow.

Sometimes those precise routines are less than precise, as I remember a last-minute chore or realize I left something behind when I left the room. These times are the most dangerous as Penny attempts to lead me through my routine only to realize I have changed direction abruptly and she cuts across in front me, getting tangled in my feet.

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