Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner

We made our way to an apple orchard when our youngest was about eight months old. He was asleep when we arrived so I placed him in his carrier and strapped him to my chest. The girls and I were busy filling our containers with apples when Joseph woke up, looked up, and snatched an apple off of the tree. Then, as if I handed him an apple every day, he took his very best 4-thooth bite. We got a bit carried away that day and took home several containers full of apples. I began peeling, baking, chopping, and boiling. Every day became an all-the-apples-you-can-eat day. Joseph loved apples. Most moms mark the first word in the memory book, “daddy” or “mommy”; I wrote “apple”.

We have picked apples since that trip, but we have been much more careful about the quantity. It seems one can definitely have too much even of a good thing. I had to move the apples to a place that provided a boundary for Joseph because he could not seem to stay away from his new favorite food and never understood when he had hit is limit.

Boundaries are important in all walks of life. Some boundaries are easier to implement than others. I learned a long time ago that even though a candy jar is a nice welcome to an office visitor; I cannot fill a jar with chocolate candies and leave it on my desk because a lid on a candy jar is not enough of a boundary between chocolate and me.

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