Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner

I had a beautiful experience today that took my breath away. It is just the sort of story we need to hear in the midst of our long struggle through a pandemic compounded by a political war and the racial brokenness.

My daughter has been having her own personal struggles on top of the stress caused by the previously mentioned struggles. Her tire went flat recently, and with her broken thumb, she needed help to change it and that help was hard to find. Money was tight and her schedule filled beyond the hours available to her. I arrived to care for the children this weekend and discovered that she still driving on a donut.

She drove my car to work and I googled “tire service”. I called Discount Tire in Derby just minutes from her home and they invited me to come in right away. A gentleman checked me in from the parking area and assured me that a technician would be out to greet me momentarily. A clean uniformed young man came and looked at the bad tire, pointed to a screw, and told me he could have that fixed in a short while.

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