Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner

Our family is physically separated by 8,711 miles. I thank God daily for the gifts of knowledge, creativity and skill that allow us to connect with one another via the internet. We can send messages, have timely chats and even see each other in real time. Our grandchildren in Australia often join us for a meal; they eat breakfast while we enjoy our evening meal around our respective tables. We are all in a family group on a popular app and until recently this group was set aside for the adults among us, As the grand children are growing the number of phones and devices are also growing. Now we have a family group that includes three preteens which has increased our emoji quotient immensely.

My hubbie and I were enjoying an after-dinner movie this week while the phone on the table beside me chimed along incessantly. The chiming did not bother me. I took great pleasure realizing that our grandchildren were enjoying the evening/morning together across the world. Last fall we were blessed to be all together in Kansas for a few weeks. The conversation on the app began when our daughter in Australia posted a photo of the two eldest from last year’s gathering. This is only the fourth time the two have been together physically and they had a wonderful time.

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