Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner

I once had the opportunity to hear a brilliant and gifted speaker tell the story of her service on the home front. It was a traditional Veteran’s Day gathering in the crowded school gymnasium of a town that placed great importance on the day. The organizers often invited a veteran to come and speak but this particular year they had invited a team; a Marine who had served in Afghanistan and his wife who had served by caring for their young family here in the states.

I am sorry that I don’t remember either the name of the Marine or his wife, neither do I remember particularities of their speeches; but I will never forget what happened to me that morning. The young woman spoke first, and I had two very distinct reactions. The first was that this speaker was going to be hard to follow. Her poise, her spark, and her way with words flowed into the room causing every mouth to close and every ear to prick.

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